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40+ Cool Mountain Bike Names

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Most avid bikers see naming bicycles as desecration while others believe that it is essential to name their traveling companion.

Whether you’ve done it before or not, the idea of naming your bike seems incredibly fun and a great way to make it personal. 

From old pets to deceased loved ones and Greek gods to your favorite fictional characters, there is a world of possibilities when it comes to naming your mountain bike. If you are looking for a silly, quirky, or even a cool name for your mountain bike, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are a lot of things to consider while choosing the perfect name for your bike from the size, color, model, speed, and history behind the bike. It’s not enough for you to have a cool name for the bike; it’s important that the name you choose fits the personality of your mountain bike. 

Mountain bike names

Why Name Your Mountain Bike?

A mountain bike is one that has been designed specifically to be ridden on rough mountainous terrains.

Bikers tend to use their mountain bikes to explore unpaved, steep, and rocky areas of mountain ranges or for bike packing across states.

A mountain bike can be your trusty companion during a long and difficult hike and it is pertinent that you give it an appropriate and fitting name. Mountain biking is an almost spiritual quest, a beautiful exploration of a landscape, and your bike is sharing this deep experience with you!

40+ Cool Mountain Bike Names 

Here is a list of some of the cool names you can choose from for your mountain bike based on its special characteristics, features, and your connection to it.

1. Steep Racer

Steep Racer is a fitting name for a bike that has been designed to be ridden on steep areas. This name is great for your two-wheeled companion that sticks by you through the ups and downs of life, both literally and metaphorically.

2. The Trail Climb

Another suitable name for a mountain bike is The Trail Climb as these bikes are destined to climb steep, difficult trails. 

3. Icarus

There can be other creative ways to name your bike without being too literal with the meaning.

For example, Greek mythology is an excellent source for some cool names to name your bike like Icarus.

Icarus in Greek mythology is a symbol of the youthful rebellion who took too many risks. The name Icarus is perfect for the mountain bike that also allows you to perform high jumps and take unexpected risks. 

4. My Forest Bike

A catchy name for your mountain bike is My Forest Bike which alludes to a bike that is designed to be ridden through forests and mountains. 

5. Forrest Gump

“Run Forest, run!” 

If you got that reference, I would highly suggest that you name your bike Forrest Gump as it is not only appropriate but also hilariously ironic. 

6. Coarse Mountain

Coarse Mountain can be another name for your mountain bike that indicates the use of the bike on coarse mountain ranges.

7. ClimBicycle

A modern play on the words Climb and Bicycle, the name Climbicycle may be a bit of a mouthful but quirky for a mountain bike, as it climbs steep landscapes.

8. Hercules 

Another great character from Greek mythology is Hercules, son of Zeus and the god of strength.

The name Hercules resonates with the undeniable power and strength of the mountain bikes to carry on upon hard mountainous terrains. 

9. Blue

You can get inspired by your favorite color or the color of your bike and name it that.

Blue is one of the most common colors that mountain bikes come in therefore, it can be a nice, simple name to give to your bike.

10. Demon

Looking for a dark, edgy name for your mountain bike? Consider naming it along the lines of demon or devil. 

11. Norbert or Norwegian Ridgeback

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you can have an excellent selection of names to choose from; Norbert being one of them.

Norbert was the name of an incredibly feisty and cool dragon that Hagrid hatched in his hut at Hogwarts. 

12. Thestral

Talking of cool Harry Potter-inspired names, you can also name your mountain bike Thestral.

In the series, Thestrals are magical winged horses that are incredible with traveling and directions and are extremely fast too. If that is not a fitting name for a mountain bike, I don’t know what is.

13. Matilda

Another excellent name to name your mountain bike is Matilda or ‘Tilly’ for short which means ‘mighty in a battle’. Because what is mightier than a mountain bike when it’s riding upon those extremely difficult and steep terrains?

14. Raven

Most people tend to compare their bikes to birds and it is clear why. Another great name for your mountain bike that is fast and soars through the air is Raven.

The name can work well for a bike that is fast and painted black

15. Pegasus

Talking about soaring through the skies, another Greek-style inspired name for your bike can be Pegasus.

Pegasus is considered to be the most fantastic mythological creature of all times even when it has a dark history behind its existence.

If the rumors are true, they are the children of the great sea god Poseidon and the force that is known as Medusa; a powerful name for a powerful bike!

What better name for your mountain bike than Pegasus with such a cool backstory like that?

16. Rocinante

If you are a fan of the classics, you can name your bike Rocinante after Don Quixote’s horse in the famous novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. 

17. Jon Snow

Do you have a bike that is dark, strapping, and as black as a crow? You must name it Jon Snow. Fans of Games of Thrones know why!

18. Bucephalus

What better way of partaking in a few adventures of your own by naming your mountain bike Bucephalus after the horse of Alexander the Great? 

19. Stump Jumper 

A name befitting your mountain bike can be Stump Jumper as it does exactly that. There are many ways you can work around the functions of your bike and come up with a creative name.

The name Stump jumper perfectly describes the thrill of riding a mountain bike and looks extremely cool written on a bike frame.

You might want to check with Specialized about copyright infringement as one of their models is called, you guessed it, Stump Jumper!

Woman mountain biker pushing mountain bike up hill
I think this rider may wish she’d have called her bike Pegasus. It helps getting up those steep hills with minimal effort!

20. Silver Bullet

A mountain bike is nothing if not fast and if you have a silver one that is as fast as a bullet, it is only fair that you name it exactly that. 

21. The Tank

Not all mountain bikes are made sleek and shiny. Some are designed with a solid bike frame and thick, rugged tires to help you cross the difficult, rocky mountainous terrains.

If you own a big, burly bike that is known to stand the strongest among many, you can choose the name ‘The Tank’.

22. The Hulk

Talking of big, sturdy, and fast bikes? Here is a perfect name for your bike: The Hulk. It is even better if you got an acid-green bike. 

23. Tequila

Looking for a funny and quirky name for your trippy ride? How about one inspired by a spicy alcoholic drink: tequila?

24. Kermit

Own a bike that’s green and seeks out puddles? I’ve got you covered. Kermit is the perfect name for a bike like that and it’s just a bonus to be associated with Kermit the Frog.

25. Trail Mix

Stay with me here, Trail Mix is the perfect amount of funny, fitting, and eccentric. This name is perfect for a mountain bike that you ride on rocky terrains. 

26. Neptune

Looking to name your bike something out-of-the-world? Consider naming it after your favorite planet. My recommendation would be to name it Saturn or Neptune. 

27. Dracarys 

It is always a good idea to name your bike something you love or something that is close to your heart.

What better name for a mountain bike, that soars through the air, than Dracarys, the faithful pet to the Mother of the Dragons. Another treat for the fans of Game of Thrones, and dragons!

28. Bettie

Bettie is an excellent name for your bike if you are old school. It is fun, sweet, and will go well with almost any kind of bike.

29. Piglet

If you have a small, dainty, sweet ride, piglet might be the cutest name for it. It’s just a bonus if the bike is pink in color. 

30. Caesar 

Are you a fan of the classics? Caesar has to be one of the coolest names for a mountain bike. And I promise no one will have thought to give this name to their bike.

31. Brutus

Talking about classics and Caesar, another great name to name your big, burly mountain bike is Brutus. Although you might have to constantly watch your back if you name it that.

32. Globetrotter

If you are an avid biker and often take your sweet ride across states for trips, it is only fair you give your bike an apt name like Globetrotter.

33. G1000

Do you own an old mountain bike that is a bit difficult to ride and makes you feel the force of gravity 1000 times more? How about naming it G1000 to put a funny spin on an otherwise exhausting situation?

34. Juno

Taking some inspiration from Roman mythology, Juno (which is another name for the goddess Hera) has the perfect amount of sweetness and power and makes for a great name for a mountain bike. 

35. Robin

Robin is overall the best name to name your bike, your car, or your pet. It is sweet, short, and mellow.

If you’ve got a bike that fits those adjectives, you can get away with naming it something as simple as Robin.

36. Siren

Do you own a bold, red mountain bike that stands out from the crowd? Add a heart-stopping horn to it and name it Siren.

37. Mad Hatter

Want to name your bike something unique and eccentric? How about the most eccentric character from the classic Alice in Wonderland?

38. Gaea 

Gaea, also known as the goddess of the soil and earth, is hands-down the more suitable name to give to your mountain bike that spends its life speeding through the rocky grounds. 

39. Wind Chaser

Are you an avid biker that likes to experiment with speed and jumps while riding your mountain bike? Wind Chaser is a perfect name for your bike. 

40. Bumblebee

You don’t have to choose a cool, edgy name for your bike. It could be something cute like a bumblebee, especially if your bike has shades of yellow and black. 

41. The Mule

Your mountain bike is just an evolved version of the mule, so it is only suitable to name your bike that. 

42. Lorelei 

Are you a fan of the classic show Gilmore Girls? Name your riding companion Lorelei after one of the most inspiring female TV role models out there!

43. Iron Man

Marvel fanatic? Strong, graceful, and proud all in one, there is no better name for your mountain bike than Iron Man. 

44. Mango

Naming bikes after fruits is not very common but how incredible would mango sound on a dainty, mango-yellow bike? If a world-famous tech company can be named after a fruit (Apple), why not a bike?

45. Diana

Do you have a bike that is beautiful, strong, and looks endearing? Name it after one of the most beloved princesses Diana. 

46. Lolita

Do you have a sweet little ride that you ride through the rough forest terrains and country roads? The charming old-school name Lolita screams wildflowers and green fields. 

47. Phoebe

If you are a Friends fan, you might remember the episode where Ross got Phoebe her first bike and it was sweet, pink, and covered with flowers.

If you’ve got a similar style of bike or love Friends, consider the name Phoebe. The character itself was also quirky and lively.

The Final Word

These are some of the most unique, fun, and coolest bike names out there for you to try out with your bike. Whether you are a history geek or a Greek mythology fan, we have something here for all of you.

But in case you still haven’t found the perfect name for your bike, don’t worry.

The inspiration will strike!

Just make sure to spend as much time with your trusty companion as you can and once you get to know your bike fully, the right name will come to you as a result of your strong connection.