30+ Cool Bike Names

Want to pick out a cool name for your new bike but don’t know where to start? We can help! 

From Greek mythology gods to famous actresses, inordinate objects, and beyond, the world of bicycle names is replete with some smart choices and also some not-so-cool bike titles.

Despite that, one thing is pretty clear – cyclists from all around the world love their two-tire friends more than anything, and this particularly shows when they are picking out bike names! 

There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect name for your beloved bike, such as its color, model, size, and make. A good bike name not only means something personal to you, but it is also fitting for the ‘personality’ of your bike.  

Here are 30+ cool bike name suggestions for you to browse through, and we hope you’ll end up finding one you like! 

Bike resting against the side of the road, with the mountains behind

1. Zeus

What better to start this list with than the name of the Greek God of the sky himself? If your bike is a sturdy little number that soars gracefully through the roads, this bike name might be perfect for you!

And what’s more, you can paint some lightning signs and dark clouds on the handles to amp it up for good measure! 

2. Raven 

Bikes are often compared to birds, and it’s easy to understand why.

When pedaling hard with the wind blowing through your air, you can feel quite like a bird soaring through the daytime sky!

Naming your bike after a raven – one of the most magical and majestic birds – is a smart choice, and you can also paint your bike a vivid jet-black to make it live up to its name! 

3. Pegasus

To further add to our bird-flying-through-the-sky narrative, here is another cool myth-inspired name for your bike! Whether you’ve got a bold rainbow bike, a sleek black, one or an everyday blue-colored ride, naming your cycle after one of the most fantastical mythological creatures is a smart choice to make! 

4. Bumblebee

Not all bike names have to be bold, dark, and mysterious to be cool. After all, cycling makes you happy, so why not have your bike name represent that joy? If you own a bright yellow and black cycle with some tingling belled handlebars, this name will suit your ride perfectly and is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.  

5. Bucephalus

History geek? This name is perfect for you! After all, what better way to merge your interests in history and cycling by naming your bike after Alexander the Great’s famous horse? Truly the best of both worlds, we think. 

6. Bonnie

Got a bike on the smaller, more regular side? We reckon this name will suit her entirely! 

7. Ebony 

This name is one of our favorites on this list.

Not only is it unique but also holds a certain aura that will automatically make you stand out in your biker’s club.

This name is especially perfect if you’ve got a sleek, shiny grey and white ride; but we think it can suit just about any model of a bike!  

8. Stiletto

Here’s another innovative and classy name that we absolutely adore. ‘Stiletto’ comes across as fierce, powerful, and sleek – what’s not to love? 

9. Kermit

Got an acid-green bike with a strange affinity for swamps? This name is picture-perfect for your ride! We can just imagine how cool it would look rolling down the country hills! 

10. Silver Bullet

Own a shiny, aluminum-crafted ride that is as fast as a bullet? What name could be more perfect? 

11. The Tank

Not all bikes are sleek and dainty. If you own a large, sturdy bike that could knock down anything in its path, you can hardly go wrong with naming it ‘The Tank’!

12. Rocketman

Elton John fan with an eccentric taste in cycles? This name was thought of just for you! 

13. Audrey

Is your cycle a pretty little one that you ride to coffee shops and newspaper stalls? This famous Hollywood star name would suit it perfectly! You can even hang some woven baskets and flowers on the handlebars to channel the 80s town vibe! 

14. Tequila 

There are certainly many oddities in the bike world, and this spicy drink-inspired name is perfect if you own a trippy ride! 

15. Siren

Bold red bike with a heart-stopping horn? This name is begging to be appointed!

16. Archie 

Bike names don’t always have to be unique and inventive. If you think of your bike as a sturdy, reliable, cheerful lad, this oldies name would suit it completely! 

17. Patriot 

Amongst all the other bicycle names, this one certainly makes a statement. You can even hang up a flag on the handlebars to truly channel the patriotic energy for your cycle! 

18. Shotgun 

Bold, powerful, and intimidating, this name is the ultimate fierce title for your two-tire companion! 

19. Lolita 

Got a pretty little number you ride through the country roads? This charming oldies name screams green fields and flowers like nothing else! 

20. Berry

Naming your cycle after a fruit isn’t always the most popular choice, but we can only imagine how much this sprightly name would suit a ruby-colored cycle! 

21. Black Panther

Superhero or Marvel fanatic? Graceful, quick, and powerful all in one, there’s no better hero to name your cycle after! 

22. Dracarys

Own a sinewy, powerful, and spiky cycle that climbs up mountain roads? Breathes fire on those that scorn it? The dragon title may work best on your bike, especially if you are a GOT fan!

23. Speedliner 

 If you love hurtling down steep lanes at breakneck speeds, and your bike is your best friend along the way – this moniker for it is well deserved.

24. Globetrotter

A name that is well-worthy of explorers like Magellan, name your bike by the many places it takes you. 

25. Blackhawk

Blackhawks are cloud-soaring, impeccable fliers. If your bike is a similar infallible speed demon – it sure deserves this name!

26. Jet

Soaring way ahead of the competition, to the point where the wheels seem suspended in the air? Jet may be the best title for your bicycle!

27. Phoenix 

This legendary mythological creature is a vivid, flaming red and can rise from the ashes to splendor.

If your bicycle can sail smoother than ever after repairs and maintenance, name it Phoenix, or for a better charm, name it ‘Fawkes’ after Dumbledore’s phoenix!

After all, there is nothing a little magic and red paint can’t fix! 

28. V

If you’re a fan of the elusive, mysterious V in V for Vendetta, name your bike after him. A splotch of black, white, and gray paint and a Guy Fawkes mask hanging off the front is sure to scare away any bicycle thieves for good!

29. Quinn

Got an old bicycle from your childhood that you simply cannot let go of? Name your dependable companion this suitable, comradely name. 

30. Raani 

Who says bikes have to be named after male characters and prototypes? Raani means ‘queen’ in Hindi, and if your bike has taken you abreast during thick and thin – call it the Queen it is. 

31. Pikachu 

Got a yellow, sweet ride that is as dependable as the well-loved creature from Pokemon? This friendly name is best suited to sunny, lovable bicycles. Otakus, here’s your chance!

32. Firefly 

A flitting insect that shows the light when you need it most? Paint your bike in red and orange streaks; maybe tie some fairy lights to your wheels and off you go soaring!

33. Habibi 

Meaning ‘Beloved’ in Arabic, you can for sure name your bike this if it’s your one true love and friend – maybe even pat it before you ride it! 

34. Nova 

Does riding your bike make you feel like a free, uninhibited star burning bright? Nova’s the name for your bike! Purple or chrome bikes that remind us of galaxies and supernovas? We’ll take it!  

Wrapping up

So there you have it! Here are some of the coolest, most unique bike names you can draw inspiration from. And if you didn’t find what you were looking for, don’t fret! What you name your bicycle is personal and completely up to you – as long as it makes you happy, it’s the right title for your loyal two-tire companion!

Martin Williams

Martin has been tearing up all sorts of trails on a range of bikes ever since he was young. He once cycled across France, and once fell into a canal on a hybrid. He writes about everything to do with cycling on our site. You can find out more about him at bicycle2work.com/about-martin-williams/

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