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Hi All,

Welcome to The ultimate resource for cycling to work and all your biking needs. We are a bunch of spandex-wearing, passion-pedaling, cycling enthusiasts dedicated to bringing you the most valuable cycling content on the web.

This site was built to inspire, help, and encourage you to pull your bicycle out of the garage and start bike commuting. We have found cycling to be a fantastic way to increase fitness, soothe the mind, cut costs, and do our bit for the environment. 

Trust us – no one ever has regretted riding into work 😀. We hope this site gets you pedaling.

We’ve seen it all on our cycling adventures. From strong winds turning our rides to Tour de Frightening Tornado, squirrels daring us to a race, and birds mistaking our helmets for a perfect nesting spot. The unpredictability of cycling is part of what get’s us going!

On this site, you will find a treasure trove of cycling advice, gear reviews, and bike maintenance tips for cyclists across all levels. We have a multitude of useful articles and guides across the following categories, to take you a step closer to your cycling goals:

Enjoy checking out the articles on the site, but you can also get some great tips from our YouTube channel which is dedicated to bicycle commuting.

Happy pedaling!

  • From Michael and the Bicycle2Work Team

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