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About Martin Williams

Martin has been riding bikes ever since he was young. A crowd of kids once came to watch him cycle a BMX down the steepest hill in the local park! It had never been done before (or so they believed). He just about survived that unscathed and many years later, is able to tell the tale.

In adult life, he once cycled across France with a few friends (well most of it anyway). It was one of the few endurance attempts in history where all three participants actually put on weight over the week, due to copious consumption of cheese, cakes and wine.

In more recent times, he’s cycled all around the UK, one ill-fated journey ending up with him falling into a canal on a hybrid.

He goes out cycling now with his wife and three kids, and particularly his daughter is a fellow cycle-nut.

He has written about all things cycling for our site!

Martin ran the site from 2021 to 2023. He took over the running of the site in March 2021. His legacy lives on through his fantastic articles on the site.

Connect with Martin on Linkedin here