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30+ Brilliant Blue Bike Names

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The color blue is associated with the sea and the sky. It represents all the things we love about getting out and about on our bike – freedom, imagination, liberation…and dying our hair blue like Marge Simpson.

If you have a blue bike, you might have thought about giving it a name. Naming bikes is a natural rite of passage like naming a child, I promise you! If you have a blue child (maybe you’re a Smurf?), then so much the better.

In this guide, I’ll lay out all the best blue bike names, in four separate categories:

  • Blue Character Bike Names
  • Words To Describe A Blue Bike
  • Blue Animals Bike Names
  • Blue Objects Bike Names
blue bike names

Blue Character Bike Names

Marge (Simpson)

Let’s start with a real classic – the Queen of blue-haired suburban moms the world over.

If you’ve ever thought of dying your hair bright blue, shaping it into a kind of crazy column, and then speeding down the road on your bike, then Marge could be the name you’re looking for.


You have to see this weird blue koala thingy to believe it. A kind of insane blue mutant! If this is the kind of bike you are riding then good luck!


Remember this loony Robin Williams character from Aladdin? If your bike is a bit loopy, crazy, and, of course, blue, then this could be the name you’re looking for.

Jimmy (James P Sullivan)

Jimmy is the bright blue monster in Monsters Inc.

Maybe you have some kind of epic fat bike with chunky tires? Or the world’s meatiest mountain bike?

Jimmy could be the name of choice.


Remember this guy? Unquestionably one of the stars of the muppets.

The name ‘Gonzo’ would tick two boxes. One, he was blue like your bike. And two, he was a stunt artist of epic proportions.

If you’re a fan of leaping over fences and walls and riding off the odd sky-scraper, then give the name Gonzo a whirl.


I suppose technically ‘Violet’ may be more of a purple maybe? However, Violet Beauregard always seems to be wearing blue in the more recent Willy Wonka film, so we’ll let this name be a bit blue at least.

This would work especially well if you’re a gum lover, or if you have the feeling one day you might expand into a giant blueberry, and need to be taken away to be squeezed by orange midgets.


How cool would this name be?

One bonus about the Smurfs is that I’ve heard they actually live to be 150 years old. So if you’ve got a clanking, ancient rickety bike that looks like it was invented by the Victorians, then the name Smurf would suit it perfectly.


You have to be able to ride pretty quickly to get away with this name. Either that or have some kind of bike with spikes sticking out the back.

Words To Describe A Blue Bike

Let’s go now to a more poetic and reflective world of gorgeous ‘blue’ words.


Pure poetry and beauty personified! You’re guaranteed to turn heads on this gorgeously named bike.


Another magical and other-worldly name. This represents the deep color of the summer sky.

A blue bike with a poetic name
For those of a more poetic bent, names like Azure and Cerulean work like blue orchids in a blue February dawn


Stop it! These names are too much!


Cobalt is a beautiful blue mineral. Another one for the more cultured amongst us.


Just pick a sea or ocean, and it sounds pretty much perfect for a blue bike. Pacific sounds just right to me. But Atlantic would be equally soulful.


This is for the moodier and darker-looking blue bikes.


This has undertones of military service and cruising the world in powerful machines. If your bike is perfectly maintained, and pretty much blemishless in all areas, you could risk this name.


You can feel like the Queen or King of England themselves on your bike named ‘Royal’. Get your crown on, get your robes out of your closet, and set off along the golden-lined streets.


Another watery one (are you noticing a theme with this blue color?)


And again!

Blue Animal Names

Weirdly enough, blue is the most common color on earth (with all the seas and the sky and everything). But it is actually quite a rare one in animals. Work that one out!

Anyway, here are some rare blue animals that would be simply gorgeous as bike names:


Think of the Twitter bird for this name.

If your bike is light as a feather and able to flutter effortlessly up the steepest hill, then this name could be the one for you.


Perfect for any bike that’s going to take on rolling undulations in the local roads, arcing over them like they are hardly there.

Blue Tit

Er, good luck with this name.


What a beautiful bird this is. And don’t they beat their wings at over 3 gazillion beats per second or something?

So if that sounds a bit like you, then go for this name!

Rainbow Dash

This is a real animal, right?

Well, ok, maybe not. But this pony is loved the world over. And I’m pretty sure that she is blue.

Naming a blue bike
Rainbow Dash?

Blue Objects Bike Names


Not just the name of a cow. Bikes can be called ‘Bluebell’ too.


So simple, and yet so alluring. This simple name represents everything we love about cycling – the eternal deep blue of the earth around us (or something like that).


I was thinking here of a ‘Blue Moon’. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one, but they are out there so I believe.


I’m pretty sure Neptune is blue! So if you’re bike has other-worldly abilities, this could be a moniker that would suit it.


This is after Levis’s jeans. Get it?


Another truly beautiful blue name, as so many of these seem to be! An opal is a gorgeous jewel. Ideal for a trim and aerodynamic road bike, but maybe less so for a big chunky fat bike.


Here are the water ideas again. Take note!


Let’s finish with this gorgeous jewel. Give your bike the name you deserve, oozing class and high-end chic.