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50+ Funny Bike Names (Puns, Celebs, Phrases)

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Bike names are a great way to bring the personality of your bicycle to life!

Whether it’s a funny cycling pun or a new-aged meme, it’s a fun way to personalize your bicycle. These names would also reflect your humor and creativity, making for great conversation starters.

So, if you’re struggling to pick the perfect bike name, you don’t have to worry. Today, I’ve gathered over 50 funny bike names for you to choose from.

50+ funny bike names

50+ Funny Bike Names

1. Ain’t Got No Brakes

There’s something indescribably funny about bike names that are full-on sentences. I have no idea what it is. It might just be the absurdity of the sentence being a name.

But this one’s definitely something that could catch a chuckle or two.

2. Breaking Wind

If you’re ever unsure what to name your bike, there’s never any harm in going after a fart pun. Considered the pinnacle of humor by some, I personally love bikes named after fart jokes.

3. Backcountry Babes

This name can be considered an ironic take on people who name their bikes after their significant other. I don’t know about you, but I think the alliteration adds to its humor.

4. Average Cyclist

It says what you are probably: an average cyclist. Not much else to it. It can be funny to some.

5. Slow Rida

It is a play-on-words on the name of a famous hip-hop musician, Flo Rida. It can be an ideal way to refer to your favorite artists while making others laugh.

6. Couch Potato

This is for a bike you never use, and you see it sitting around as days go by. Though we’re all guilty of being called couch potatoes sometimes, you need to remember that bikes are made for cycling!

So, if you are guilty of having a couch potato, get out there and take the reluctant bike for a spin. I promise that you won’t regret it!

7. Rusty

This could be a fitting name for an old bike that has survived through it all.

If you have a bike that has sat out in the rain or snow for years but still works just fine. Rusty would be a go-to funny choice.

8. Wheelie Wheelie Slow

Do you have a bike that can pedal fast but never builds up speed? This might be the name for you.

9. The Awkward

Maybe your bike has peer pressure and only doesn’t perform well during races. In that case, The Awkward is a name that would perfectly depict its personality.

10. Standard Bicycle

Your bike could just be an average bike. Nothing special about it, but there’s nothing wrong with it either. It’s an average bike for your day-to-day tasks.

11. Not Fast, Just Furious

A fun play on words of the well-known movie series, Fast and Furious. This name would grant a chuckle while keeping racing expectations low.

12. Run Like The Winded

Just another fart pun. There’s nothing that could go wrong with that.

13. Toenails are overrated

If you frequently fall over and scrap your feet against the concrete because of your bike, this name was made for you.

14. Bike

I don’t know how to explain it, but it’d be pretty funny to just have a bicycle called “Bike.”

15. The Farthing Bikes

If you haven’t caught on, fart puns and funny bike names always go well with each other. They’re the easiest puns to make for them, and they’re always bound to make someone laugh a bit.

16. Two Tires

Like almost all bikes, your bike might have two tires. Consequently, something is subtly funny about naming a bike after a mainstream feature. 

17. Broken Roulette Wheel

This name is for people who feel like their bike never works in their favor. If the odds are against you, Broken Roulette Wheel might be the perfect name.

18. Robert Pattinson

You could be a Batman or Twilight fan. Or maybe you just wanted to name your bike after a random actor because it seems absurd. Either way, it’s funny.

19. Mule

Mule is the name of a faithful commuter or backpacking bike. It’s for those bikes that never fail to take you and your belongings to work on time.

20. Cranky

Does your bicycle squeak a little every time you try to ride it? Or does it have a colorful series of cranks on it? If that’s the case, Cranky works well for it.

21. Two-Tired

Not to be confused with “Two Tires,” this name is for bikes that you aren’t bothered to use some days. You’re just too tired sometimes, and this is a pun that perfectly depicts that.

22. Spin Doctor

If you enjoy doing donuts or spinning the handlebars of your bike, Spin Doctor would be a name that illustrates that.

23. Your Pace or Mine?

Do your friends or competitors just never seem to keep up with your speed? You could try this name out to spark some playful competition.

24. Kicking Asphalt

This is just another fun pun for a trusted road bike. Though it’s not really funny, it’s still a cool name for an everyday bike. 

Older man riding bike with feet off pedals
Spin Doctor?

25. Pitches Be Crazy

Do you have a bike that’s prone to get stuck in ditches? This might be the name for it.

26. Estrogen Express

Are you a girl boss making her way through the competitive cycling world? This name would reflect that while giving your competitors something fun to laugh about.

27. Passable Bicycle

If you’ve given up on competitive cycling and just let others pass you while you enjoy slow and scenic routes, Passable Bicycle is a name that could work for your bike.

28. Spin Shady

Named after a famous rap artist (Eminem), Spin Shady is another play-on-words for bicyclists who enjoy spinning tricks.

29. Bikeologist

Are you considered the “bike guru” amongst your friends? Do they always come to you whenever they have problems with their bikes? If so, Bikeologist would be a name to reflect your personality.

30. Obi Spin Kenobi

This is a reference to a popular character from Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Choosing it as your bike’s name would help show off your geeky side while granting your friends a couple of chuckles.

31. Haulin Gas

As stated earlier, you can never go wrong with a good fart joke. It’s just peak comedy.

32. Springineer

Do you have a bike with a suspension unlike any other? It might be worth naming it Springineer to reflect its abilities.

33. Buns and Roses

If you’re a fan of 90s rock, you’re bound to have heard of Guns and Roses. So, if you’re a dedicated fan, why not name your bike in tribute to them?

34. Gears N Beers

It could be an ironic name, or maybe you just like beers and gears. Whatever the case, it’d still be a funny name for you and your friends to look back on.

35. Road Rascals

Are you a menace on the road with no regard for safety? Road Rascals is a funny name for little rebels.

36. The Spinerettes

This is a play-on-words on the popular reality television show, The Bachelorette. It’s a subtle and cute reference for your friends to chuckle to.

37. Killer Spinstinct

If you have killer spinning instincts, you might want to consider naming your bicycle after that. With this fun little name, you can be threatening and quirky at the same time!

39. Spinocchio

Who doesn’t know about the children’s tale of Pinocchio? Everyone grew up learning about the little wooden boy who couldn’t lie.

So, if you want to be nostalgic while showing off your cool spinning tricks, why not name your bike Spinocchio?

40. Worst Pace Scenario

Do you never seem to be on the right pace or cadence? Worst Pace Scenario is a name that reflects your lack of skill and jokes about it in a lighthearted way.

41. Little Miss Trouble

Are you someone who always gets into trouble while riding? There might not be a name more suited than Little Miss Trouble. These are for riders who are up to no good and are always giggling while causing mischief.

42. Grease Lightning

This is a name meant for an old-school 70’s red bike with racing stripes. However, it could also work for bicycles that have experienced a complete overhaul and paint job.

43. Her Majesty

Is your bike sassy with a mind of its own? Her Majesty is a name that could depict its purpose and elegance.

44. Karen

If your bike doesn’t listen and demands constant maintenance, it could be a Karen.

This is one of the funniest girl names you could have for your bike, and it would have your friends hysterically laughing when you explain the name’s meaning.

45. Timmy Toots A Lot

Sometimes, names don’t have a meaning. But this absurdity is why it’s funny. Timmy Toots A Lot is an ideal example of this. It’s just fun to say and worthy of a couple of giggles.

46. Going the Distance

This is a name that could work for cruiser bikes. It’s a noble name for bikes that stick with you during marathons or long-distance races.

47. My Mom Thinks I’m Fast

If you don’t have a lot of wins, you can still rely on your mom for her support. This bike’s name is evidence of that.

48. Bike Tyson

Do you have a bike that’s the king of the road and the heaviest hitter?

Bike Tyson would be a name that’d work for them. They’re afraid of nothing, and no one can stop them.

49. Mike Wazowski

If your bike is green and not afraid of dangerous routes, Mike Wazowski is the funny bike name that could be meant for it.

It works on any bright green bike, but you could add some green handlebar streamers to take this bike name to the next level.

50. Fatboy

Is your bike on the chunkier side with a hefty frame? If so, Fatboy might be a perfect name for it. In contrast, you could also blast old-school classics on a boom box with a cool name like this.

51. Bat Attitudes

Some days you don’t feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. And, that’s completely okay! So, if you want a bike name that follows a similar vibe, why not go for Bat Attitudes?

52. Single Speed Sweetness

Last but not least, Single Speed Sweetness is a name for your favorite single-geared bikes. The name rolls off the tongue while being cute, quirky, and funny at the same time.

The Wrap

From spinning-related bike puns to names of famous actors, there are always bike names that can reflect your charisma and personality. So, if you feel like none of the bike names on this list worked for you, you don’t have to worry. There are still so many names to choose from.

However, you should remember that you can only choose the perfect bike name if you know about the bike you’re trying to name. Hence, if you don’t have a name yet, it might be worth playing around with your bike a little longer. Take some time and browse through more options and maybe test them out until you decide to stick to one. Keep in mind that the possibilities are endless, so you never really have to feel restricted.