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30+ Brilliant Black Bike Names (Perfect For Your Black Bike)

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So you’ve bought a gorgeous black bike, but the next step is to name your raven-colored machine of the night.

In this post, I’ve thought up the ultimate selection of black bike names you could ever want, including:

  • Characters that dress in black bike names (think Morticia Adams for something a bit other-worldly)
  • Words to describe black bike names (like Night Scream – help!)
  • Black animals bike names (like ‘Scorpion’ for your ‘nippy’ gravel bike)
  • Black object bike names (like ‘Liquorice’ for those of you that don’t think it tastes gross)
Brilliant black bike names

Characters That Dress In Black Bike Names


Let’s kick off with this real spooky lady. If your black bike is a kind of terrifying queen, then this is the name for you.

Charlie’s Angel

Think sexy and sleek, and a bit kickass. If you’ve got some kind of bike that fits this bill, then Charlie’s Angel does sound like one of the coolest names on this list.

Bat Man

Probably the most well-known blackly-dressed superhero (that I could think of at any rate).

This would be perfect for any bike with a mysterious turn of speed, and the ability to fly down hills as though the wheels were barely touching the floor.


Charming yet kooky, stylish yet spooky. If that’s the kind of bike you ride, then look no further.

Grim Reaper

If looking as badass as possible is your thang, then this is definitely the way to go.

Wednesday Adams

For a mischievous and quite simply terrifying ride, then this is the way to go.

Danger Mouse

OK, I have to admit that Danger Mouse is not particularly black. But he does have a black eye patch (that counts, right!)

This would suit a kind of tiny bike (think BMX), that has an epic journey ahead (think off to the store to buy some milk).

Sandy (From Grease)

Remember those smoking hot leather trousers? Those were what I was thinking of when including Sandy on this list.

You could even maybe just call your bike ‘Grease’ – that’s black as well, right?

Billie Eilish

Think moody teenage angst in the form of a black-wheeled machine, and this is the kind of name you could be looking for.

Black Swan

Some kind of ballet film I think?

So, for a graceful, pirouetting dream ride, this could be the name for you.

Words To Describe Black Bike Names


Not very eco-friendly this one (as a warning).


For all you budding authors out there.


This is a seriously cool-sounding name. You have to be able to ride fast on this bike. Think sleek, black road bike, with maybe the odd go-faster stripe.


Simple but effective.

Night Scream

A name to strike fear into even the most hardened cycling spectator. If you want to give out terror vibes, then try this out for size.

Black bike with name
My new bike, er…Night Scream?!


This is possibly my absolute fave off the whole list. You’d look seriously cool on this bike, bro.


Technically indigo is not really black, but it’s pretty flipping close.

Basically, it’s about as dark blue as you can get before it turns completely into black. Plus it sounds cool too.

Black Animals Bike Names


If you’re tempted to ride down the road screaming ‘Caw, caw!’ at the top of your lungs, then this could be the name for you.

Indigo Snake

These are literally the coolest snakes, like ever.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a slippery, sleek, slithering cyclist of the highest order then consider this name for your ride.


This is the name of one of my all-time favorite Beatles songs. I like the way that Paul Macartney has said two completely contradictory things about the meaning of this song.

In one interview, he said the song was inspired by hearing a blackbird in India. In another interview, he said that the lyrics represented his representation of current social tensions in the United States at the time.

So, in a nutshell, if you’re completely confused, then this could be a good name for you!


I heard a rumor recently that panthers don’t actually exist. They are just black leopards or black jaguars.

Perhaps, then, if you’re the kind of guy that likes to disappear into their surroundings, then this could be the name for you.


A kind of scuttling mountain bike would work well with this name, especially one that had just that little extra ‘sting’ in the tail, and could suddenly accelerate around corners in the blink of an eye.

Black Cat

A black cat is unlucky when walking in front of you, but lucky if you cross by it yourself.

But where does that leave us with having ‘Black Cat’ as a name for a bike? No idea, to be honest with you! You either like it or you don’t. Simple.

Black bike called 'Black Cat'
‘Black Cat’ might be a lucky name, or it could be unlucky. We have literally no clue!


This name just sounds great. Any brooding, mysterious, eery-looking bikes definitely have to get called this.

Black Objects Bike Names


‘Black orchid’ is both the name of a flower and also a pretty high-end perfume.

So if you’re a bit delicate yet classy, then think about this name.


I had no idea you could get black tulips, but apparently…you can!


The ultimate game of strategy and deep thought.


I had to google this one, to be honest, but this a black glossy gemstone. Just the thing for your more upper-class bicycle.


The classic love-it-or-hate-it candy from the old days. If you like to divide opinions, this could be the name for you.


These magnificent beasts are what used to be called ‘killer whales’ (remember them?).

This would be perfect for any gliding and ethereal bike, able to corner effortlessly at any speed.


For something a bit spicier, ‘Pepper’ could be the way to go.


If a dirty kind of vibe is your thing, then think of ‘Soot’ as a possibility.


A bit gunky, oozy, and generally clogged up. If your bike spends a lot of time caked in dark mud, then ‘Tar’ may well suit it down to the oozy, sticky ground.