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About Michael Dobbin

Hi, I’m Michael, owner of Bicycle2Work. I have a deep passion for all things bikes, from changing faulty brakes to testing new cool gear.

Michael riding a bike in London
On my way to pick up some groceries to make a delicious dinner.

It all began when I assembled my first bike with my uncle on my 7th birthday. We took it out for a test ride. Fearful I would fall, I looked behind while on the bike and found him no longer holding onto it for support.

But, he promised he wouldn’t let go?! 😳😳

I became overwhelmed with a fear of crashing. But wait, I was now pedaling without falling! “I’m free!”, I yelled. All my concerns dropped. Feeling like a high-flying kite, I pedaled as fast as I could through the cool breeze on that lovely sunny day.

That was the first time I learned how to ride a bike. One never forgets such a moment. 

If you’re wondering, I did forgive him… but only after he bought us some delicious ice cream 😛.

These days I often commute throughout London to meet clients and for personal errands. I love to check out new routes and connect with fellow cyclists in my spare time. On this site, I write about the issues that I and fellow cyclists in the community have had or are currently facing; and the solutions to address them.

Michael posing next to a bike in London
Can’t miss an opportunity for a selfie can I? 😊

If you have questions/issues that have not yet been addressed on this site (use the search function first to peruse the site), or have feedback to help us improve, then please contact us by the email listed on the website’s footer. We would love to resolve these and connect with you.

You can also connect with me personally on my LinkedIn here.

Happy pedaling!

Michael (The Knight Rider 🚴🏾‍♂️)