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Weight Limit for Peloton Bikes and Treads? It’s This

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Is there a weight limit for Peloton bikes? Well, yes there is.

A peloton bike can support up to 297 lbs of weight, and a Peloton Tread up to 300 lbs. People who weigh more than the indicated limit are recommended to explore other options. The peloton cycle’s handlebars can support up to 250 lbs for each handlebar.

If you’re above this weight, then realistically a Peloton is not right for you at this time. However, there are other options.

In this post, I’ll cover:

  • The weight limit of Peloton Bikes and Treads
  • What to do if you’ve reached or are over the limit
  • Alternatives to Peloton if you are above the weight limit
  • How bicycling helps you lose weight
Weight limit for Peloton bikes and treads

What is the weight limit of the Peloton bike?

If you are purchasing an expensive and ritzy new bicycle, you must know its carrying capacity. The very last thing you wish is to purchase an exercise bike, open it, and discover that it can only accommodate a stunner who eats apples twice a week.

Therefore, a peloton bike has a weight limit of 297 pounds. Those who weigh more than the specified limit should explore elsewhere for their bicycle seating requirements.

The Peloton Tread weight limit is fractionally higher at 300 lbs.

Realistically, this does not mean that now the peloton cycle will fracture as soon as you reach 297 pounds. People weighing between 350 and 400 pounds have utilized peloton bikes without incident.

However, to fully optimize the Peloton’s performance and keep you fully safe, your weight must be below 297 pounds.

Peloton has tried hard, in fairness, to accommodate riders of different sizes, including some of these features:


The seating on this stationary bicycle has been built with taller individuals in mind. Additionally, the seat is changeable along many planes.

It may be adjusted upwards, downwards, forwards, and backward, as well as twisted, to fit any body type.


The handlebars of the peloton spinning cycle can support up to 250 lb. each handlebar. This implies that a 250-pound someone clutching the handlebars with all their might and attempting to pull it away from the machine will be unsuccessful.

There is an inbuilt tension mechanism that stops this from occurring irrespectively of how hard you tug on the bars.

In a nutshell, the Peloton height and weight restrictions are:

Measure Of IndividualMinimumMaximum
Height (Feet and Inches)4’11’6’4”
Weight (pounds)None297

Could You Use the Cycle If You Reach the Weight Limit?

If you exceed the maximum suggested weight and size limit for the Peloton cycle, you will be:

  1. Void of any prospective warranty, since the bicycle was not tested or approved for riders exceeding the weight requirements.
  2. Held personally accountable for any injuries that may result from utilizing a larger-than-recommended bicycle size.

This does not suggest that you will be injured or destroy the bike if you ride it at a larger size; it merely indicates that it is not advised owing to the lack of testing for a greater weight variation. Newer models will presumably expand their size and weight limits to better correspond with their price tags.

The real issue about riding over the prescribed limit is that this will considerably reduce the durability of the bicycles. You do not want to spend so much on a bicycle for it to malfunction within six months.

If Peloton can verify that you have also exceeded the weight restriction, you have unknowingly voided the warranty, leaving you fully out of money.

I would thus propose seeking somewhere else for your exercise bike requirements if your weight exceeds the maximum allowed.

Alternatives to Peloton Bike If You Are Outside The Weight Limit

The Peloton App

The Peloton mobile app contains all of the live and on-demand cycling exercises found on the Peloton bike itself. This spans the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablet devices, and the vast majority of smart TVs. 

This means that you may use the application through your spin cycle, your touring bike, or an indoor training device that works for your weight class.

If you need to use the software for aerobic activity but cannot afford Peloton gear, you may purchase your cycle or mill and attend courses via the app.

There have been developed Peloton programs like strength training and core training. There are many of these, including marathon preparation.

The software will synchronize with other fitness monitoring applications, allowing you to accumulate statistics. The current monthly cost of the Peloton digital app is $12.99.

Weight Limit – Unlimited

Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Workout Bike

Due to its 400-pound weight capacity, the Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Workout Bike (link to Amazon) is a fantastic exercise bike for large/heavy people.

It can support larger individuals without difficulty.

This bicycle’s sturdy, high-quality steel frame provides superior stability for larger riders.

This model’s broad cushioned seat provides enough space and can be modified to accommodate customers of various heights.

A magnetic pressure control system with eight levels allows users to select between simpler and more difficult exercises. It would have been nice if the bicycle had one or two more levels of difficulty since I didn’t find the highest level very tough.

However, if you are a novice, the offered challenge levels will be sufficient. The Display unit is big and simple to read, displaying expended calories, time, pace, mileage, scan, heartbeat, and tachometer.

This exercise bike with a large weight capacity is incredibly quiet and smooth, providing a tranquil workout.

Weight limit – 400 pounds

Relife Rebuild your Life

The 400-pound weight capacity of the Exercise Bike makes it suitable for those of larger stature.

It features a dual triangular construction that delivers a solid and comfortable workout. The seat is quite luxurious and, due to its shape, promotes airflow and absorbs heat. There are eight slots for seat modification, allowing it to accommodate almost any size.

Nevertheless, it is not a suitable alternative for taller individuals.

You may raise or decrease the bike’s power to match the intensity of your aerobic exercise. Adjustable straps enhance the comfortability of pedals with anti-slip features.

The LCD indicates calories expended, time, mileage, pace, and the tachometer.

The Relife Rebuild your Life Stationary Bike is silent and features two balance adjusters and transport wheels that make it simple to transfer. In addition, there is a bottle holder within reach.

This bicycle includes a 1-year guarantee on the chassis and a lifetime guarantee on all other components.

Weight limit – 400 pounds

Using A Sturdy Mountain Bike Or Fat Bike

Why not get out and about on a real bike. This has multiple benefits including:

  • A mixture of terrain increases the intensity of the sessions
  • Sunlight releases endorphins and a feel-good factor
  • You can cycle with others

Not all types of bikes are suitable for individuals over 300 lbs, but some are.

Road bikes, for example, are often not recommended at this weight range. They have slimline frames and wheels and may be damaged under the weight of a heavier rider.

However, there are some types of bikes that are perfect for heavier riders.

Fat bikes, for example, are ideal for larger riders. They are called this because of their chunky (‘fat’) tires and frames. They are the perfect bike to ride on all types of terrain.

The majority of them will take riders up to about 400 lbs, and some can go slightly beyond this.

Another great option is a sturdy mountain bike. Also, many of these will go up to a 400lbs weight range.

Fat bike weight limit – 400lbs

Sturdy mountain bike weight limit – 400lbs

If you’re thinking about getting a fat bike, then this video gives a great overview of what it’s like to own one:

Here’s a table that gives you an idea of the different types of bikes available, and their weight limits:

Bike TypeWeight Limit (In Pounds)
Electric Bike230-400
Road Bike230-330
Mountain Bike300-375
Fat Bike320-400
Gravel Bike280-360

Can Cycling Help in Losing Weight?

Cycling is an excellent choice of activity to lose weight for several reasons, including:

Cardiovascular Benefits

Cycling is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. It enhances your heart and lungs, increases your blood flow, strengthens your muscles, and reduces your stress levels.

In addition, it assists you in burning fat, melting calories, and shedding pounds.

Low Impact

Biking is often recommended as a low-impact cardio workout choice. Compared to running or jogging, it helps you to increase your heart rate with less excessive wear on your quads, ankles, and limbs.

Attempt Higher Speeds

In general, the more intense your cycling session, the more weight you can lose. Cycling may burn an astonishing amount of calories, particularly if you ride faster than a moderate speed.

If you work harder and boost the pace of your exercise, you will progress faster toward your weight reduction objective.

Include HIIT

HIIT may be a terrific method to push your body and, if that is your aim, to decrease fat and lose weight. HIIT consists of brief bursts of intensive activity interspersed with low-intensity exercise periods.

Endurance Training

Just when you believe you’ve reached your limit, push yourself a bit beyond. This is the purpose of endurance training. When attempting to improve endurance, it is advisable to begin cautiously.

The Bottom Line

The maximum weight restriction for Peloton bicycles is 297 pounds.

The weight restriction for the Peloton Tread is likewise 300 pounds.

Even though (arguably) you can still use it over this weight limit, the bike will not last as much, and considering how expensive it is, you definitely would not want to waste it so quickly. Also, you would not be covered by a refund.

If you exceed this weight restriction, you should use the Peloton app with some other piece of training equipment, as per my suggestions provided above.