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30+ Cool and Funny Red Bike Names

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So you’ve gone ahead and got yourself a beautiful bright red bike!

It’s your new rouge fireball of destiny (if you will). And now, of course, comes the best bit – giving it a name.

Because a bike without a name, is like bacon and eggs without the…er, eggs?

I’ve thought long and hard about the very best names for red bikes, to give your crimson firecracker of a machine a moniker it truly deserves. One that brings it to life! Makes it one of the family etc etc.

I’ve split the names up into:

  • Red Character Bike Names
  • Words That Describe Red Bike Names
  • Red Animal Bike Names
  • Red Objects Bike Names

So, let’s go:

Red bike names

Red Characters Bike Names


Let’s start off with this little cutie. Remember him? The squeaky-voiced fluffy red muppet dude.

If your red bike has even a hint of cuteness, then this name is a no-brainer.


I must say I’d never really heard of this guy before writing this post. But check him out!

A strange red-headed chap that is some kind of a cross between and witch and a demon. Not one to miss.


If your red bike has particularly sticky tires (great for cornering), then you might want to name it after the ultimate sticky web-creator par excellence – Spider-Man.

Lightning McQueen

One for the kids here. If you’re not familiar with Lightning McQueen, he’s basically the ultimate red go-faster-striped car.

Darth Maul

This terrifying dude is the meathead guy in the cape from Star Wars.

Think ferocious red mountain bike, ready to take on the evilest hillside possible.

Red bike names Darth Maul
Darth Maul?!

Red Hood

This is a vintage comic book classic character.

So think vintage and classic bikes (or in other words a heap of rusty trash that is about to get chucked).

Reg Ranger

Go, go, power rangers!

The coolest was the Red Ranger, right? Well, if you believe that, then call your bike that, please.


Remember this cute little chap from the Little Mermaid film? He’s the French lobster that simply oozes charisma out of every pincer.

If your red bike has a nippy turn of speed, then this is a name to go for (get it?).


The name of the red Tellytubby if you’re trying to work out who on earth this is.

This would really suit a fat bike, I think. Or maybe a trundling kind of mountain bike, that enjoys lolloping along making the odd squeaky noise.

Words That Describe Red Bike Names

If you’re trying to look as cool as possible on your red bike (and who wouldn’t), then this section is for you. These names sizzle and spark like the reddest cocktail being drunk while watching the sunset.


There are frankly fewer more classy names than this around. The name Crimson turns even the lowliest rust bucket of a bicycle into a poetic thing of beauty.


This is particularly good for darker reddish bikes (I think that’s what maroon is?). It also sounds just a tad exotic, and a bit more interesting than just calling your bike red.


Like something out of a Mills and Boon novel, this name really evokes that sense of passion loitering below the surface. It’d be perfect for any bike that you enjoy taking on leisurely rides, but that you know is capable of extreme speeds and cornering abilities when push comes to shove!


Wit woo! What a name this is.

If you’re looking for love, then giving your bike this name might just give you that extra bit of swagger you’re looking for.


An ideal name for more high-speed bikes I’d say.


A delicate, beautiful, yet prickly machine. Think old red road bike, with a few spokes sticking out of the wheels.


This name sounds a bit exotic, so one for your graceful cruiser bike, ready to set out on beautiful journeys into the unknown.

Red Animal Bike Names


Think leisurely coaster bikes or something similar that is serene and gentle.


This is more for your scurrying, high-tempo cornering kind of red bike.


Google this if you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about here. It’s basically a bird with a long beak (mostly red anyway). You get white and brown ones, but you also get some beautiful red ones.

They really stand out! Just like your gorgeous flame-colored two-wheeled steed.


Are flamingos red? Possibly not. Maybe just a bit pink.

So this might be a good name for your red bike if it starts to lose a bit of color with age.

Pinkish equals flamingo. Yeah?


If your bike is long and slender, then the name Lobster may be the perfect one for you.

A bit chunkier and rounder, could Crab be the way to go?


If you’re a kind of Jack Sparrow wannabe, then this is just the name you’re looking for. Get your eye patch on, and your fake hand-hook, and cycle off into the sunset looking for pieces of eight.

Red Object Bike Names


Like a beautiful red gem – like bike, like name.


The most blazing and bright red light in the night sky. Mars was the Roman God of War, so if you think you’re a bit hard then go for this name.


What a cute name for a red bike this would be!

Juicy, red, and fruity.


I’m thinking watermelons here – because they’re kind of red, right?

Spray-paint your bike a different color if other types of melons are more your thing. (yellow paint for honeydew might work).


A big red contraption that can put out even the meatiest fires. If your bike fits this bill, then Hydrant is the name you’ve been looking for all this time.


Beautiful and streamlined, yet gentle and delicate. Ladybug would really suit an aerodynamic red road bike, finely tuned for the smoothest of rides.

Red bike called Ladybug
Ladybug – that highly tuned road bike you’ve always dreamed of?


How gorgeous is this name?!


Sassy, chic, and timeless. Cherry is about the cutest name out there.