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This is Korie. She’s a nanny from Illinois who started bike commuting to save money on gas, and found that it offered other benefits too!

illinois bike commuting nanny

Commute Distance: 12 miles

What got you started? I was in college when I started bike commuting. I was trying to save enough money one summer that I wouldn’t have to work the next semester. I got a job as a summer nanny, and realized that we both lived right along the same bike path. I decided to start riding to save money on gas.

At the end of the summer, I ended up losing 50 pounds! I had also cut off eating out to save money, but besides that, I didn’t intentionally diet at all. Biking greatly improved my health and fitness.

What Kind of Bike: I was riding a cruiser with auto-shift gears. I loved the automatic gears because it taught me how to use gears on my bike. I bought it secondhand from a local bike shop. But I recently switched around and now I ride my cargo bike with my kids, so I don’t have my commuter bike anymore

Tyler Smith

Tyler is the Founder of bicycle2work, and all-time cycle nut. What started out with a BMX when he was a kid ballooned into a passion for road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, and pretty much any other type of bike under the sun. Tyler once spent a week cycling to Mexico, ate some tacos, and then cycled back. You can find out more about Tyler at bicycle2work.com/about-tyler-smith/

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