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RBC: Courtroom Runner

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Greg is a bike commuter from up north in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. See what got him into bike commuting!

court runner bicycle commuter

Occupation: Courtroom runner. Which means I run around the courthouse moving files around. I average 14000 steps in a day.

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Commute Distance: My commute can vary the short way is 22km round trip which is all roads. My preferred route is 36km round trip and is 90 percent bike path.

What got you started? I’ve been bike commuting pretty much all my life. I hate driving in the city and on bike you get to enjoy the city so much more.

What Kind of Bike: I now have 2 bikes for commuting one is a 27.5+ for winter commuting and the other is a home build 700c tires for summer. Both bikes are extremely modified to my preference and both originally came from bike stores although my winter bike was slightly used.

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