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RBC: Audiologist

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This is Vernon from Northwestern Indiana in the United States. He’s a regular bike commuter who volunteered to share about his experience bike commuting. Enjoy this highlight of another regular bike commuter!

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Occupation: Audiologist

Commute Distance: 14 miles round trip via the direct route, but I stretch it to 24 to 28 miles round trip.

What got you started? Starting a 9 to 5 job took away my Monday through Friday ride time.  Commuting to work helps me maintain some weekly miles.

Any stories from your commute? A).  Never forget your house key.  B).  Scout your route(s) before hand to pick the safest roads.

What is one thing you wish you knew before starting to bike commute?I wish I knew that my wife was going to be so unsupportive of the idea.  She’s largely come to accept it.

What Kind of Bike & Where did You Get it? I’ve been an avid cyclist for several years. I’ve ridden recumbent bikes (post neck injury) for about seven years. I’m commuting on “what I have in the garage” but I’m saving up for a short wheelbase recumbent with full suspension.  Some parts of my route includes some horrible road surface. Having suspension and the ability to use fatter tires will make the commute both safer and more comfortable.

Anything else you’d like to share about bike commuting? I’ve come to see my commute as a 20-some mile bike ride interrupted by 9 hours of work. Also, I’d recommend that you put enough blinky lights on the bike to be seen from all directions (light it up like a Christmas tree).

What gear do you routinely carry for your commute? Essential cold weather items (for me at least) include bar mitts, hand warmers, good winter cycling boots, heated insoles, & water proof boot covers. Otherwise gear in the pannier (aside from a multi tool, tire levers, tube, patch kit & pump) includes work clothes, clean-up supplies, and rain gear. My Road-Id is also considered essential gear. Checking the weather forecast helps to make sure I have the right clothes for both legs of the trip.

Long wheelbase recumbent sucks up road vibration, but is a challenge to get down a narrow stairwell at work.

P38. Without a rack, it’s not the best commuter.