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RBC: High School Science Teacher

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This is Jordan from California! She’s a high school science teacher currently teaching a chemistry and physics class for juniors and seniors. She recently took up bike commuting to save money on gas, and spend more time outside.

HS teacher bicycle commuter

Commute Distance: Not far at all. 2.1 miles from my house to the school. It’s mostly along a bike path, but there’s one good hill that I have to climb. When I first started commuting I had to get off my bike and walk it up the hill. Now after weeks of commuting I can power up it. Feels good!

What got you started? I wanted to get some exercise, and be more environmentally friendly.  It’s also faster on the way home from work compared to taking my car which was a nice bonus.

Any stories from your commute? I bike to work right about when the sun rises over the bay, and its stupid gorgeous. Every time I ride in the morning I see the sunrise and the otters and the ocean. It’s a really nice way to start the day.

What Kind of Bike: An older Schwinn bike. Purchased it after seeing a nearby neighbor post it for sale on Facebook. My bike had been stolen from my backyard, and so I was looking for a replacement. I was able to buy this one for $150. I love it!