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11 Hardest BMX Bike Tricks

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There are some tricks that look tough, others that seem dangerous, but then there are tricks that look outright impossible to do.

Out of those, the 11 hardest BMX bike tricks include:

  • No Footer
  • Tail Whip
  • Truck Driver (360 Barspin)
  • Can Can and Nac Nac
  • Euro Table
  • Invert
  • Moto Whip
  • Superman
  • The 720
  • Double Barspin
  • Indian Air

One of the most common reasons that people invest in a BMX bike is all the tricks they help you perform. BMX bike riding has been a hobby of the riders for many years now and of course, with time, experience, and evolving technology, the bikes have gotten better, and the tricks harder. (Source)

Warning – Everyone from a rookie to a professional can ride a BMX bike but it takes years and years of training and experimentation to be able to pull off these advanced tricks.

Let’s check out the 11 hardest BMX bike tricks, with instructions and lots of top tips in how to do them…

BMX biker trick at the top of a ramp

11 Hardest BMX Bike Tricks 

1. No Footer

The ‘no footer’ trick has to be the oldest and most known BMX bike trick, yet it continues to be the hardest and most challenging one as well.

Many bike riders have gone through the process of practicing and performing this trick and have failed over and over again. 

To perform the No Footer, the BMX biker pedals up and accelerates the bike to a high speed before hitting a jump. As they hit the jump, they come flying off the ramp where they shoot their feet up from the pedals and the legs are shot out to the side of the BMX bike.

The rider then places his feet back on the pedals before landing.

Although this is one of the most basic tricks out there, it has caused multiple injuries and accidents over the years. 

2. Tail Whip

Tail Whip is one of the most complicated and dangerous BMX bike tricks out there. The tail whip is a jumping trick that requires the rider to shoot off from the ramp at a very high speed. 

To perform this stunt, the rider must eject themselves from the bike while only holding onto the bike from the handlebars.

When the rider speeds off the ramp, they must spin the bike in a way that the front wheel and handlebar remain straight, while the rest of the bike (frame, pedals, and back wheel) spins with the rider’s body up in the air. 

This entire stunt happens in the air and the rider has to be an extremely advanced bike rider to perform this stunt to avoid any injuries.

The trick must also be timed perfectly so that the rider and the bike land back onto the ground without any accidents. 

3. Truck Driver (360 Barspin)

The trick called “Truck Driver” is as innovative and edgy as its name.

It is an entire 360-degree rotation of the bike and the rider with a bar-spin, while the rider is suspended in the air. 

To perform the “Truck Driver”, you will have to do an entire 360-degree spin without moving the handlebars. The first step is to speed off your BMX bike from a ramp.

Approach the ramp from an angle and when you take off, situate yourself at an angle of 270-degrees.

After you are in the air, spin your bike at a 180-degree angle and spin the handlebars. When you reach 270-degrees, force the body of the bike to a 360 degree and finish spinning. 

To achieve the stunt ’truckdriver’, a rider needs finesse and practice. All the steps of this trick must be timed perfectly for the rider to reach the ground with feet planted firmly.

For a better understanding, watch the rider perform the ‘truckdriver’ in a video here.  

4. Can Can and Nac Nac

Can-can and Nac-nac are tricks that may look simple and basic but can be extremely challenging to do, especially over a ramp.

In a can-can, the rider must propel themselves off the ramp and as soon as they are in the air, they must kick their feet over the front rube of the bike.

A nac-nac is when the rider performs the can-can and then brings one of their legs over the back of the bike almost like they are getting off from their bike in mid-air.

This is not as hard to achieve as many other tricks in this list, which makes it a great trick for beginners to try.

To learn the can-can, you need to practice the act of jumping over a box or doing an air jump while being suspended in the air. This stunt requires a lot of air time. 

5. Euro Table

Euro table is another one of the hardest BMX bike tricks attempted by BMX riders. It looks similar to a tabletop trick but is performed very differently. 

To execute the euro table, the rider must accelerate their BMX bike to full speed and jump off from the ramp, tucking their leading leg towards the inner side.

Then the rider must turn their handlebar at a 30-degree angle and focus on turning and bending their legs with the movement.

The next step is for them to bring their knees together and twist them with full force in the direction of the spin. The more the force is applied, the greater the range of rotation will be. 

When the rider has reached the peak of the execution, they must draw in their bike’s handlebars and rotate them to go over 90degrees. The rider then straightens their legs and brings the bike to a perfect landing.

6. Invert

The invert is another modification of the basic tabletop trick that is performed by almost every BMX rider.

In this stunt, the rider turns with their body towards the bike while they are in the air, making the body parallel with the bike and perpendicular to the ground.

To start, the BMX bike must be accelerated off the ramp into the air.

The next step is for the rider to place their front foot over the crank and twist their body sideways while pulling the handle towards themselves. The rider then must straighten their leg and force their body to remain parallel with the bike until it is time to unravel the body and land.

This is a particularly straightforward trick that is easy to attempt if you are used to the basic tabletop trick.

BMX bike trick

7. Moto Whip

Moto Whip is a great-looking trick and there is no other quite as enchanting and flexible as this.

Moto Whip is a trick that is favored by many BMX bike riders and can be done in a dirt track, at a skatepark, or anywhere that has a decent jump element present. 

One of the important lessons to keep in mind while performing the Moto Whip is to keep your legs tucked into the rear end of the bike and twist the bike with both your arms and legs.

To execute this stunt, the rider must bike hard and fast into the quarter.

As soon as you are off the ramp and into the air, turn your bike to the side and use your entire body to force your bike into a spin.

Enjoy the feeling of being up in the air before landing the front wheel first back onto the ground.

8. Superman

The name ‘superman’ comes from the rider positioning their body parallel to the ground while being in the air resembling Superman in flight.

To do this trick, the rider must accelerate their bike, and on take-off from the ramp, they must remove both of their feet from the bike pedals, and push the handlebars of the bike outward.

While being in the air, the rider must straighten their legs and hands in front of them to force their body to be parallel with the bike and the ground. Place your feet back onto the pedals of the bike, level your bike, and return to the ground wheels first. 

Executing the ‘superman’ can be immensely hard and dangerous, especially without any proper practice and it has caused multiple injuries in the past. 

9. The 720

The 720 is considered to be a BMX bike stunt that only professional bikers can accomplish.

It consists of the rider doing two 360-degree spins in one jump. It is a top-notch trick and once the rider learns to master it on the ramp, they will be able to perform it anywhere.

To do this stunt, the rider must know how to do a 320 and a 540-degree spin. This trick also asks for a longer air time, therefore, a longer ramp and a faster speed are necessary.

The 720 is much similar to the 360 and can be accomplished by practicing the 320degree without diving nose-first to the ground.

Approach at an angle of 270 degrees, pull up the bike’s handlebars up to your waist, follow with your shoulders, and keep on rotating the bike with your feet.

The rider must then spin the bike like they are performing the 540-degrees, turn their head, handlebar, and feet, and they are done. 

10. Double Barspin

The double barspin is also one of the most challenging tricks that only professional bikers can do without causing serious injury to themselves.

It is quite complicated to understand and must be practiced on dirt before you try to do it on-ramp.

To achieve the double barspin, the rider must accelerate their bikes off a jump and jump vertically. As soon as they take off, the rider must do the first barspin by squeezing the saddle and using one hand to rotate the handlebars.

While in mid-air, the biker must take their other hand and spin the bike again performing the second bar spin.

The last step is to grab the handlebar with both hands and level the bike to the ground and land. 

11. Indian Air

The ‘Indian Air’ is another one of the hardest BMX tricks that have been executed by many BMX bike riders over the years.

In this trick, the rider removes their feet from the pedals, drags them up onto the seat, and crosses their legs above their bike while it is suspended mid-air.

To achieve this stunt, the bike must be accelerated off the ramp at full speed so that the rider has ample air time.

The rider then must remove their feet from the pedals, while holding the handlebar straight, and drag them up into a cross-legged position above their seat. The rider then must place their feet back on the pedals and land wheels-first. 

The BMX rider must be extremely fluent in this trick before they attempt it in a professional setting as it can be very dangerous. 

Tip: Having longer airtime can aid in the flawless execution of the Indian Air trick. 

The Final Word

These are the 11 hardest BMX bike tricks that are carried out mostly by professional BMX bikers.

All of the BMX tricks come with some level of risk and danger.

Only a handful of people dare to become advanced BMX athletes and even less have it in them to carry out all of these stunts.

Some other BMX tricks that are famous for being difficult are one-hander, no-hander, X-up, Turndown, Unturndown, Lookback, Tailwhip, Toboggan, Seat Grab, Luc-e, Crank Slide, Crooked, and many more.

It is important to ensure that you are in a safe setting before you decide to execute or practice any of these stunts.