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5 Foldable Helmets for the Bike Commuter

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One problem every bike commuter must solve is where to store their bike and gear once they get to work. Even something like a helmet must be placed somewhere. You could either leave your helmet attached to your bicycle or perhaps bring it with by clipping it to your work bag.

Well now there’s a third option. Helmet companies have created foldable helmets that are perfect for bike commuters.

They allow you to arrive at your destination and fold your helmet up to be placed easily into most bags. No longer does carrying your helmet need to be a hassle!

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Are foldable helmets safe?

Yes. Foldable helmets are safe, and cannot be sold in most countries unless they pass the specific safety certification for that country.

This is a good thing, because it ensures that companies are creating helmets that will protect people in the case of a crash. Every helmet on this list has passed various safety certifications so that they are safe for you to use. If you’d like to read more about helmet safety standards and when helmets expire check out this article.

Overade Plixi Fit

The Positives of the Overade Plixi Fit

  • Folds from full size to one third of its original size
  • 14 large vents to keep your head ventilated.
  • Comfortable and comes with 3 pad sets so that you can adjust it to your needed size
  • Stylish look. Option of white or black color

The Negatives of this Folding Helmet

  • Does not fold down as neatly as some of the other folding helmets
  • Currently only made in small and medium sizes. Those of you with large (and extra large) heads will have to wait

Check out the Overade Helmet on Amazon

Fend Folding Helmet

FEND’s folding helmet is designed so that the two sides slide inward to collapse the helmet. It folds by more than 60% to allow you to fit the helmet easier into your pack.

It’s not quite as comfortable as a regular helmet, but still fits and feels good on your head. As you can see this helmet comes with LARGE vents for breathability.

On warmer days you’ll have no problem keeping your head cool with this helmet on. As a bonus, the helmet comes with a nice carry bag. Check out the current price on Amazon here. 

Closca Helmet

Closca chose a different approach to folding their helmet.

Unlike other helmets that fold in from the side, Closca’s helmet folds from the top down. Once it has been folded it is half of it’s expanded size making it easy to store. The round ringed vents help keep your head cool.

Don’t worry about if folding why on your head, because it has a locking system to prevent that from happening. Closca offers mutliple visors that can be purchased with the helmet to keep the sun out of your eyes or add some extra style to your helmet. All in all, a great foldable helmet. Check out the latest price of Closca bike helmet on Amazon here. 

Why are Folding Helmets useful for bike commuters?

As a bike commuter you know that once you get to work or school you need to store your bicycle and gear somewhere.

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to be able to bring your bike inside, but for many commuters they’ll need to keep their ride locked up outside. Thieves are rampant in most areas and while a bicycle can be safe if locked properly, anything left on the bike isn’t.

Which is why most people attach their helmet to a backpack or toss it into a bag. The issue is that helmets take up space. This is where foldable helmets are useful.

Once you show up to your destination you can quickly fold up your helmet to store it easily into whatever bag you’ve got with you. Folding helmets are great for bike commuters.

Should I keep wearing my foldable helmet after a crash?

No! Anytime you crash in any type of helmet it’s time for it to be retired.

Even if you don’t see cracks or a dent in your helmet, it doesn’t mean that the helmet is compromised.

Helmets are made to undergo a single crash and not multiple ones. A company will not stand behind one of their products that has already been crashed in.

The reason is that helmets are made of a foam material that absorbs impact.Helmets are not created to undergo multiple impacts. Once you’ve crashed in a helmet (even if it’s foldable) you need to get a new one.

How can I wash my foldable helmet?

You shouldn’t use abrasives or industrial strength cleaners on your helmet. Simply use a damp cloth with water and soap to wipe it down if it’s sweaty or dirty.

morpher helmet review

We’ll see more foldable helmets in the future

Many bike commuters own a personal bicycle that they use to get around, but not everyone owns a bike. Many bike commuters use bicycles from bike share programs in their city to commute.

Part of their commute could be by train, bus, or metro and than the rest could be on a bike share bicycle. A foldable helmet can be beneficial for commuters like this as they don’t have to carry a bulky helmet with them everywhere. A nice foldable helmet can be stowed away until the portion of their commute where it’s needed.

I believe that we’ll see a variety of foldable helmets in the future as more companies design their own foldable helmet product.

Clearly there is a huge market for these types of helmets, and right now there are only a few companies producing them.

As seen by the collection of foldable helmets in this article these types of helmets are safe, fashionable, and take up little space.

Get yourself a fordable helmet today and enjoy your bike ride!