RBC Highlight: Elementary School Teacher

This is Daniel Grünberg. He’s a big fan of bike commuting, and works hard to get others to give it a try too. Check out his bike photos below!

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher (5th Grade)

Location: Maryland, USA

Commute Distance:  ~11 miles 1 way

What got you started?  I enjoyed riding with friends on the weekends. With a young child at home, it became harder to find the time to go riding. I figured if I commuted, I would get my ride time in.

Any bike commuting stories? It’s my favorite time of the day. When I get to work, I feel refreshed. The commute only adds 10 minutes to my commute.

What Kind of Bike: 1. Schwinn Traveler. I got it as a hand-me-down when I was young. I worked on it and began riding it a few years ago. 2. Schwinn Fastback. I found it online and bought it used.

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