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35+ Cute Names For Bikes

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If you’ve got a cute-looking bike, then it might just have one thing missing – no cute name!

Cute names just add to the cuteness.

Whatever type of bike you have, a name really brings it to life just that little bit more. It makes it like a living, sentient being.

In this guide, I’ll share some of my favorite cute bike names in the following categories:

  1. Cute bicycle characters from films and fiction
  2. Names that just sound cute
  3. Cute small character bike names
  4. Cute nature bicycle names
  5. Cute animal bike names
Cute names for your bike

Cute Characters From Films And Fiction

1. Tweetie Pie

Remember this squeaky yellow cartoon canary (I’m pretty sure it was a canary, right?)

Maybe you’ve got a bright yellow bike, then this could be the name to go for.

Or even a squeaky wheel might evoke the beautiful sound of Tweetie’s voice.

2. Pinky Pie

One of the most glamorous of the ponies (in case you didn’t know)

3. Alvin

Remember this squeaky dude? What could be cuter?

4. Jerry

This is the cute mouse, arch-nemesis of Tom.

This is particularly good for any bike that is superb at cornering and can weave in and out of obstacles like they’re hardly there.

5. Chip

Remember this forlorn little teacup from Beauty and the Beast. How cute was he!?

If you’ve got a bike with any kind of dent or scratch in it, then Chip could be the aptest name out there.

6. Snoopy

This lovable character really was man’s best friend (apart from your bike maybe)

7. Twilight Sparkle

If you’re into night-time cycling, and your machine is all lit up with a wonderful selection of lights and other sparkly things, then this could be the name for you.

8. Elsa

Think magic and awesome power, trapped in a small physical body.

9. Tigerlilly

Bit of a random one here – but one of the great characters from Peter Pan!

If your bike can literally fly by the wind, then this could be the name to go for.

Names That Just Sound Cute

Sometimes a word can just ‘sound’ cute. Isn’t that weird?

10. Fluff

If you’re the type of person that wants a fluffy saddle seat and matching handlebar covers, then Fluff could be the name for you.

11. Pepper

A bit spicy, but still cute and tasty.

12. Pipsqueak

Especially good as a name for any bike that has a chain that can’t stop squeaking.

13. Glitterball

This name really evokes a kind of visual feast!

If you have any kind of glittery, diamond-encrusted kind of bike, then this name could be the direction to steer.

14. Duck

Any bright yellow bike might be made for this name.

Alternatively, the name does evoke a kind of slow-moving, waddling, flapping machine that never really moves with any real velocity.

15. Sparkle

This is for a bike that really flashes in the sun as you round a corner, or glitters with life as you splash through a puddle.

16. Dot

This name just sums up your tiny bike so succinctly.

17. Micro

A slightly modern-sounding name, that makes you look a bit cool and quirky (I would argue)

Cute Small Character Names

Let’s take a look at some names of lots of the finest things in this world that are all a bit vertically challenged:

18. Munchkin

The quintessential squeaky-voiced cute person. This would really suit a bike that could you down that yellow-brick road to fortune! Or at least down the road getting to work would be a start.

19. Pygmy

It’s got to be seriously small to be called this. I mean seriously!

20. Elf

Not only is this the name of possibly the greatest Christmas movie, but Elf is also a spectacular name for a smallish bike.

21. Hobbit

This would particularly suit some kind of muddy cyclocross bike, that’s so smeared in the earth, that it looks like it’s lived its whole life underground.

A muddy cyclocross bike with a cute name of Hobbit

22. Ewok

Got a slightly unkempt and shaggy-looking vehicle? Let me introduce you to Ewok.

23. Smurf

Any gorgeous blue bike would really suit this name.

24. Oompa-Loompa

Got a fantastic bright orange machine? Then Oompa-Loompa could be the perfect name!

Either that or you’re a chocoholic.

25. Borrower

Maybe this one is slightly ridiculous (I’ll admit). But if you’re bike seems so small it could actually live in a tiny hole in your wall, then Borrower might be just the name for it.

Cute Nature Names

26. Apple

Wholesome and filling, like the Great American Dream. Also, one a day keeps the doctor away – a bit like riding a bike daily methinks?!

27. Daisy

It’s not just cows that can be called Daisy. Bikes can be called this too!

28. Sugarplum

I’m pretty sure this is some kind of ballet dance (Sugarplum Fairy Stylee?)

29. Grapefruit

A bit fruity, yet ever so bitter and a bit undigestable? If this sounds like your bike, then give the name Grapefruit a whirl.

30. Buttercup

Another name that really suits a cow, for some reason, but also really seems to work when attached to a cute-looking bike.

31. Clover

A lucky name perhaps, for a lucky machine that will ride you to fame and riches. Well, hopefully.

32. Dandelion

This is for a light and breezy bike, that seems to be blown down the street by the wind with zero resistance.

33. Cherry blossom

Think gorgeous blossom-dappled boughs in the Spring. I’m not sure what that has to do with bikes, but it’s still a pretty name.

Cute Animal Bike Names

34. Chick

Names don’t come much cuter than this if I’m honest.

35. Bunny

This describes a bike that has plenty of speed, and a bit of bounce and jump, not to mention excellent cornering skills.

36. Panda

This is more of your sedate, sedentary bicycle, perfectly at ease trundling at about 3mph down a quiet path.

37. Kitty

Particularly for all the cat lovers out there, what name could be cuter than this?

38. Puppy

And here’s one for all the rival dog fans out there!

39. Hamster

This name really evokes a sense of skidding wheels, and scurrying feet on the pedals.