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13 Cool Bike Tire Valve Caps You Didn’t Know You Needed

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The bicycle valve stem cap is not completely pointless. It has one primary purpose – to keep your tire valves dirt free. That tiny, black plastic cap prevents dirt and grit from getting into the valve and eventually causing a leak.

But does a bike tire valve cap have any other use? 100% yes!

Bike tire valve caps are the perfect way to decorate and bling out your bicycle.

Hoping to add some style to your ride? The valve cap is an easy, cheap and fun way to start!

There are tons of unique, decorative bicycle valve caps from you to choose from.

Are they the most functional thing on your bike? No.

But they can be one of the most stylish! Here’s some of my favorites…

Star Wars Bike Tire Caps

Deck your bicycle out with a Darth Vader and Stormtrooper tire cap. You’ll be able to blast into lightspeed with these things…or at least you can imagine to do so.

Not only will they keep your tube valves on your bike clean, but they’ll let others know what you’re a fan of.

Sugar Skull Bike Tire Cap

Get festive with this traditional Mexican “sugar skull.” The reason they’re called this is because the original skulls were made out of molded sugar. Don’t worry though, these caps aren’t made of sugar. These caps will fit on Schrader valves only.

The person who creates and sells these handmade tire caps has a vast collection of over 35 different tire caps. Everything from Jack Skellington, to Sports Logos, and more.

Wowlife Presta Valve Cap Dust Covers

Tired of the plastic caps cracking on bike? Look no further! These aluminum beauties will last forever. They’ll fit nice and snug on Presta valve tubes. Don’t have to worry about them falling off either.

They come in a variety of colors (Black, Gold, Green, Red, Blue, Silver) You can see them on Amazon here.

Hula Girl Bicycle Valve Cap

Complete the look of your beach cruiser with this hula girl valve cap. A nice little touch for the bike you ride when you’re just going for a leisurely pedal. This fits only on Schrader valves. See on Amazon.

Rainbow Colored Bike Caps

These shiny, rainbow aluminum valve caps will cause others to notice you. They’re lightweight and easy to fit on your Presta valves. Customers say that it takes a little bit of time for these caps to ship, but they are worth the weight. They will add a nice accent to your bicycle. You can see them on Amazon here.

Bike Bits Schrader Caps

I like the look of these with the blue on top. If you’ve got an all black bike this could be nice to add some color. They’re made of anodized alloy metal, and will work just as intended. Check them out at Amazon here.

Bullet Black Bike Bits Cap

These ones are a bit more edgy with the bullet look going on. If you’re a real badass you may want to put these on your bicycle. Just make sure you’ve got the attitude to go with these caps. It comes in a pack of four. Check them out at Amazon here.

Grenade Styled Bicycle Valve Caps

Grenade valve caps

Bombs away! These grenade bicycle stem caps will surely catch the eyes of others as you blast on by. They’ll not only keep the dirt out of your tire valves, but they’ll make you stand out from the rest of the Peloton. Check them out at Amazon here.

Gold Eagle Tire Valve Caps

These golden eagle tire valve caps epitomize BLING BLING! They’re not the cheapest valve caps you’ll buy. In fact, they may be the most expensive tire caps you’ll purchase in your entire life.

But you know what? You’ll be the only cyclist who has GOLD EAGLES on their bike.

No promises that you’ll fly like an eagle with these equipped. Check them out at Amazon.

Basic Colored Valve Caps

Basic aluminum caps, but you get 12 of them with this purchase. You’ll get a variety of colors so you can make sure you know which one looks best on your bike. Colors are: orange, black, and green. You may be feeling like the black is best, but who knows…maybe you’ll like the orange on your bike once you see it on there.

The nice thing is you’ll have extra caps, because you know that you’re going to forget one of these days to screw the cap on after pumping up your bike tires.

For the caps made for Presta Valves click here (Amazon).

Dice Bike Tire Valve Caps

These dice valve caps come in a variety of colors. You’ll be the coolest cat around with these gambling dice on your wheels. Easy to fit onto your bike, and designed for Schrader valves only. You can see the dice tire valve caps here on Amazon.

Lego Bike Valve Caps

This is handmade in Boulder, Colorado by a true Lego® fan. If you love bicycling AND you love Lego than I believe you’ve found the perfect valve cap for you.

The base is aluminum, while the top is obviously a Lego person. They are made for Schrader (the thicker stem) valves.

Handmade in Boulder, Colorado from genuine new pieces. These valve caps are an absolutely perfect for the Lego® fan in your life, especially if they enjoy biking. Purchase on Etsy here.

Raspberry Valve Caps

Juicy, red and delicious! These would be perfect on the right bike. Very cute, and original look. Would you be tempted to eat this berry if it was on the ground? I would! Get these Raspberry bike valve caps on Etsy.

Get Your Bicycled Decorated!

While none of these tire caps will help your cycling performance they are guaranteed to make you look stylish. Remember to check what type of valve you have on your bike tire before purchasing any of these caps.

The Schrader valves are thicker, while the Presta valves are thin and have a nob at the top that you can unscrew to fill with air.

If you’re hoping to read more about the usefulness of bike tire caps, read my article “The Truth about Bike Tire Valve Caps