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Everything You Want To Know About Bike to Work Day

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When is Bike To Work Day 2019?

Bike to Work Week will take place on May 13-17. The official Bike To Work Day in 2019 will be on May 17th. 

More and more people are choosing to ride their bike to work rather than drive a vehicle or take public transportation. Think of most of the trips that you take within your vehicle.

How far are they?

Do they really necessitate driving to get there?

Bicycling is good for you, the environment, and a blast! What if instead of driving you took up bike riding?

National Bike Day is meant to inspire and motivate commuters to get outside and ride their bike to work. The goal is to see more people choose the bike over a car.

It’s been gaining more traction as more cities across the United States sponsor Bike to Work Week or Bike to Work Day events. Cities like San Francisco, Boulder, and Chicago have embraced bike to work week creating events, giveaways, free bike tune ups, and more to promote bike commuting.

The good news is that there’s a chance that your local city is hosting a bike to work week (or day) event between May 13-17th.

Search online and you can find local bike to work day events in your city! If your city doesn’t have any bike to work day events that doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Get on your bike and ride to work!

Many first time commuters discover that they love commuting by bike and become regular bike commuters.

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The History of Bike to Work Day

National Bike Month was started by the League of American Bicyclist in 1956. According to their website, they were initially founded as the League of American Wheelmen in 1880.

Bicyclists back then where known as the “wheelmen” and they had to overcome poor road conditions and hostility from wagon drivers and pedestrians.

Over time more than 100,000 cyclists from across the United States became part of the League to push for paved roads. Their work towards advocating for better roads helped lead to the U.S. national highway system.

The League began National Bike Month in 1956, and over time it has gained more traction. The month is meant to advocate, inspire, and motivate individuals to ride their bike.

Bike to Work Month is in May, because the weather is generally warmer. Bike to work week takes place on the third week of May, and the third Friday in May is officially National Bike to Work Day.

Cities all over the United States and Canada celebrate Bike to Work day with community events, bike safety programs, bike rides, bike promotions and more.

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Host your Own Bike To Work Event

Did you search for a local bike to work event in your city, but can’t find any?

What if you started your own bike to work event during the month of May?

The League of American Bicyclist website is a treasure trove of resources to help get you started. They’ve got banners, images, posters, and other images that you can use to promote your own Bike to Work event.

You can access their resources HERE.

Here are a few ideas for your own bike to work event:

Provide Coffee and Snacks for Bike Commuters at Your Work

One way you can promote bike to work day at your work is to provide coffee and snacks for bike commuters.

Encourage your coworkers to ride their bike to work, and let them know that coffee/juice and snacks will be provided. Sometimes all it takes is a little breakfast incentive to get people pedaling to work.

Energizer Stations

This is similar to the above idea, but outside. Setup a drink and snack spot on a highly trafficked bike commuter route.

Let other bike to work commuters know that you are providing snacks/drink in the early morning before work, and that they can stop for a quick bite and drink.

Bike Ride Meet Up Locations

Sometimes people are more likely to start bike commuting if they know that they won’t be alone.

Schedule a time and location to meet other bike commuters who are going in the same direction as you. Bike riding is more fun when you’re with others.

Network with Local Bike Shops

You can come up with your own bike-to-work week event, but I bet a local bicycle shop would love to help. Local bike shops are struggling in the age of online retail stores, and this is a great way for them to connect with potential customers.

Ask your local bike shop if they’d like to work with you to create an event.

It’s a win-win for everyone. They help you with organizing and promoting the event. They build a connection to other cyclists. People ride their bikes to work. Win-Win-Win.

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Should you Participate?

Bike to Work day is the perfect opportunity to start biking to work! There are plenty of excuses to not ride your bike to work, but we wager that once you start you’ll find it much easier than you imagined.

Bicycling to work is good for your physical and mental health, it’s good for the environment, and it is fun!

There are three essential pieces that you need to start riding to work. One – you need a bike. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but you need a bicycle.

If it’s got two wheels and fits you than you’re good to go! Two – you need a helmet. Don’t sacrifice safety for appearances.

Make sure you have a helmet that fits your noggin. You can read our helmet guide here if you’re looking for a recommendation.

Third – do you have a place to store your bike at work?

We put together lots of suggestions to where you can store your bike at work, but you need to be able to answer this question. Lock it up in a safe place outside or find a place in the office where you can store it.

And that’s it! A bike. A Helmet. A Place to Store Your Bike.

If you figure those three things out you can begin your journey!

You can wait until Bike to Work Day 2019 or you can start tomorrow. We really believe that if you get out there you’ll fall in love with bicycle commuting. Should you participate in bike to work day? Our answer is YES.

Happy Riding!