The Best Bike Cup Holder for Your Drink

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Whether you’re riding around town, heading to work, or pedaling to the grocery store it’s nice to bring a drink with you.

On cold, brisk mornings I love to bring coffee with me on my rides. It feels like heaven sipping hot coffee while pedaling through the cold, still mornings. But perhaps you’re looking for a bike cup holder not for coffee, but for a cold brew, a can of soda or a bottle of water.

Below you’ll find a list of bike cup holders that can fit whatever your drink holding needs are. The list contains holders that range from uber functional to super aesthetic. I hope you’re able to find the bike cup holder that not only look good on your bike, but also hold your drink too!

The HandleStash (My Top Pick)

The HandleStash has taken the issues experienced by numerous other holders and solved them!

To be honest, this is my top pick for cup holder by a mile!

With its quick drawstring and springy mesh bottom you’ll no longer need to worry about your drink spilling all over your legs. It is easy to install and gets the job done.

As a bonus – it’s made in the United States (if that’s important to you).

And I’ve been able to do a deal for all our readers with Handlestash. (Woop!) They are now offering 10% off for all our readers, if you use the code BICYCLE2WORK at checkout. You can buy the Handlestash cup holder on their website here (don’t forget the discount code!)

Interested in more info? I wrote an entire review of the Handlestash with photos.

Read the Full HandleStash Review Here.

Bell Clinch Cup Holder

bell bike cup holder

This is a quick and simple bike cup holder by Bell. It requires no tools which is a blessing and curse. The blessing is that it’s designed to be installed on your handlebar by tightening a knob by hand.

You’ll be able to take this out of the package it comes in and install it in a matter of moments.

The downside to this design is it needs to be tightened as much as you’re physically capable of tightening with your bare hands.

There are comments from users that it is prone to get loose after use (which isn’t good for your drink!). I would get a grippy tool to make sure this is extra tight before taking it out for a spin.

The Bell Bike Cup Holder comes only in silver. It fits tapered cups so a can of soda or beer will fall through. It can fit a Tall to Venti-sized drink. Check out the latest price for the Bell Bike Cup Holder on Amazon here.

Bookman Bicycle Handlebar Cup Holder

bookman cup holder

The design and look of this bike cup holder is amazing. Bookman engineered this product so that it quickly and easily attaches to your bike handlebar.

By pressing the two rings together, it opens a spring that can be placed onto the handlebars. Once you let go, it will clamp down to sit firmly in place.

In addition, you can flip it over so that it can be used with small or large cups of coffee.

It is made of stainless steel, and can be purchased in green, black, or red. It fits best on handlebars around 22 mm thickness. You can see the Bookman cup holder on Amazon here.

Personalized Leather Bike Cup Holder

how to carry beer on a bike

You’re looking at a 100% leather hand made bicycle cup holder. The design allows for it to attach to a handlebar and even a bike basket.

Looking for a cup holder that can carry your beer? soda? coffee? water bottle? This one can do the trick, and look good while doing it.

As a bonus you can have it personalized with a name, phrase, or image. Make sure to leave the details of what you want stamped into the leather when you order.

Of course, if you’d rather just keep it all natural, it doesn’t have to anything stamped into it either. Order your Leather Bike Cup Holder here. The coloring options are black, brown, and grey.

Ibera Bicycle Cup Holder

bier bike product

This holder is made for cups without handles, a thermos, or tumbler. Ibera states that the cup should have a width of at least 78 mm (3 inch) diameter when measured 20 mm (0.8 inch) from top of cup.

It can only hold a cup with a maximum high up to 170 mm (6.5 inch). In addition, it must be a tapered cup that is wider at the top than the bottom.

It can be installed on the handlebar or stem of your bike which makes it easy for you to access your drink while on the bike. View the Ibera Cup Holder on Amazon.

Cruzies Bike Cup Holder

cup holder on a bike

The Cruzies Bike Cup Holder is perfect for holding cans, cups, bottles, beverages, and even keys or your phone. It’s made by the same manufacturer as the Hydroflask, and is made of stainless steel.

The Cruzies come in a variety of colors (blue, red, silver, black, pink, turqouise), and each one has a foam insert to help insulate your drink. Like a few of the cup holders above it doesn’t need a tool to install, but I would recommend getting a pair of pliers to make sure it’s extra tight on your handlebars.

This is the perfect bike cup holder for a cruise along the bike path at sunset. Get yourself a nice beverage to enjoy while you take a nice, leisurely pedal. Check out the Cruzies at Amazon.

Cruzy Leather Handmade Bike Cup holder

how to carry coffee while biking

This vintage looking bike cup holder can be a great addition to your bike. The insulated liner will help keep your drink warm or cold.

It’s made of 100% soft leather that will improve in appearance over time. This is a bonafide hand-made product. It’s hand cut, hand sewn, and fire branded.

It’s a good looking product that others will comment on. Plus, it’ll hold your tea while you ride. See more details on this handmade leather product here.

Wicker Bicycle Handlebar Cup Holder

wood bike cup holder

This cup holder is eco-friendly as it is made completely of wood and metal. My wife is working hard to make our family as plastic-free as possible, and so this product would be right up her alley.

Not only does this wooden cup holder look great, it’s easy to mount on your handlebar, and will hold a cup of your favorite drink.

The manufacturer is all the way in Latvia, but don’t worry as its free shipping! Buy this product from Etsy.

Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder

portland bike cup holder

Portland Design Works has a whole collection of great bike accessories. It’s not the first time we have highlighted their products (see our bike bell article).

Here we have their take at a bike cup holder. It is made of aluminum, and designed with a rubberized interior to firmly grip tapered cups. You won’t have to ride as slow as turtle with a coffee in hand any longer!

The Bar-ista (see what they did there? haha) comes in two sizes to fit different sized handlebars.

We would recommend making sure that you carry a drink with a fitted seal in case you hit a bump, but other than that this is a solid product. You won’t regret getting it. See the Portland Design Works Bar-Ista at Amazon here.

Whether you’ll be carrying a hot or cold beverage while you bike we are sure that one of the above products will make this possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re commuting to work, cycling to the local farmer’s market, or cruising around town these bike cup holders can hold your drink as you pedal away. So fill up your cup, get on your bike, and start riding!

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