RBC: Brewery Worker

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This is Will from Austin, Texas! When I found out that he worked in a brewery, I may have felt a tinge of jealousy. How does he get to work? Bike commuting!

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Commute Distance: 15 miles, round trip

What got you started? Started off by living close to work (3.5 miles) and felt it was better than driving.

Any bike commuting stories? Well there’s the cycling community in Austin that’s awesome. Half the time, I ride for longer on the way home from work, just to experience the scenery. A few of the stories are potentially scary, like busses pulling over into bike lanes, but most are so positive.

What Kind of Bike: Currently a Peugeot triathlon from ‘88. Found in Craigslist for cheap. But I’ve used different bikes for commuting, from old mountain bikes, to sturdy hybrids. Any bike works for commuting, just depends on how you want to ride.

Tyler Smith

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