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50+ Cool Girl Names for Bikes (Girl Power!)

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Come on guys – get naming your bikes!

You have to respect your two-wheeled steed. You have to give it some love.

And what better way to show respect and love, than to give your (girl) bike a name?

From superhero names to old pets, from Greek gods to sultry Hollywood actresses, I’m going to give you the ultimate 50+ girl names for your beloved bike.

girl names for bikes
Some bikes just have that X-factor – girl power! (but make sure to give them a name to make it happen)

Girl Power

These bike names don’t have to just reflect you; they could be based on the bike’s model, color, speed, or type.

In essence, you can choose names based on anything that speaks to them the most. So, if you’re looking for ideal options to choose from, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’ve gathered over 50 girl names for bikes. Here we go…


Raven is a name that screams dark and brooding energy. It would go great with a bike’s darker color tones. This includes cycles with a black or purple paint job and the ability to soar through the air.


This one is for the little goofballs. Like the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes, Taz is a name for those girls who want to show a little bit of their crazy side in their bike name. It’s short, sweet, and unique, and that’s what matters most.

Black Widow

As a Marvel superhero, Black Widow is a name that indicates durability. It tells us the story of a bike that can bear through it all!

Harley Quinn

If female superheroes aren’t your forte, what about villains? You could have the bike painted pink and blue. You can go around calling people “Puddin'” followed by a menacing grin.

Dust Devil

Speedsters should have a name that tells others they’re a force to be reckoned with. So, Dust Devil is perfect for telling your daughter’s competition that they’d be eating her dust!

Ok Zoomer

Ok, Zoomer refers to a popular internet meme, “Ok Boomer.” It’s more influential amongst younger audiences, plus it can be pretty funny to see if anyone gets the reference.


If you’re going to zoom through races like a flash of lightning, why not name a bicycle just that? Flash represents the epitome of speed, so it works really well for racing bikes!


Inspired by the feminine icon Amelia Earhart, giving the bike this name is a humble way to pay tribute to such a crucial part of history.


This name’s a hit amongst Game of Thrones fans. It can provide the impression of a fast, intimidating, and admirable personality – like the Queen of Dragons herself!


Also called “Tilly” for short, it is a name that quite literally means ‘mighty in a battle.’ It is for girls determined to win and who are fierce on the racetrack.


If you plan on taking the bike to a park or through country roads, Lolita is a name that screams the cottage-core aesthetic. It tells us stories of wildflowers and green valleys.


If your daughter’s a fan of classic, old-school names, Bella is ideal for expressing a mellow and sweet tone.


It’s a name that emanates an innovative, feminine, and quirky aura. So, it works for those girls who exude a strong, powerful, and fierce energy.

Yellow Submarine

Your bike could be yellow and have an affinity for potholes. In that case, Yellow Submarine is a pretty apt name. It’s a good play-on-words for some light-hearted laughter.

Yellow bike standing by wall
Yellow Submarine!? The ultimate name for a yellow bike?


Celeste tells the story of a ride that’s lightweight, sweet, and soars like a mythic bird. It works for those girls who are akin to nature.


To me, Lady sounds like a name that’s sophisticated yet powerful and authoritative. If you want to give the impression of a delicate yet sleek bike, this is probably the best name for that.


Maybe the bike’s on the smaller and more regular side. If so, Bonnie sounds like it’d suit her!


If your daughter likes being elusive and mysterious, V works so well for that. She can have the bike painted black, gray, and white, giving a mystic impression. V could represent anything from ‘Vigilante’ to ‘Victory’, etc.


Meaning “Queen” in Hindi, this bike name is ideal for girls who are hoping to transform into strong leaders. It defies the stereotype that all notable bike names need to be after a male character or prototype.

Wind Chaser

If your daughter’s an average biker who likes to experiment with her speed and jumps, Wind Chaser is a name for her!


If your daughter ever feels like an uninhibited star while riding across the open roads, Nova is a name that expresses just that feeling. In addition, I recommend purple or chrome colors for this bike name to imitate the impression of a galaxy or supernova.


Known in mythology as the goddess of soil and earth, Gaea works as a girl name for a mountain bike. If you’re speeding along rocky grounds, what name works better than the very goddess of that terrain?


Habibi means “beloved” in Arabic. So, it helps girls denote their bike as their one true love and friend.


No one needs a bike with an edgy or cool name. It could be something simple and cute. The most crucial aspect is that it reflects your personality and choice.


Lorelei from Gilmore Girls was one of the most inspiring female TV role models. So, naming your daughter’s bike after her or suggesting this to your girl might be a great way to inject positive influence.


This is a name for a dependable companion. So, if your daughter has an old bike she simply can’t get rid of, this would work so well for that.


Maybe your cycle’s a fancy one, and you like riding to newspaper stalls and coffee shops on it. In that case, the name of a famous movie star would work so well for it! To fit the aesthetic, you can even attach hand-woven baskets and flowers to the bike’s handlebars- this would help channel the entire 80’s vibe!


If you’re into Greek mythology, there’s a whole array of cool names you could take inspiration from. This includes Artemis, the goddess of war. She is a resilient, intelligent, and strong woman. So, if the bike reminds you of her, it might be worth considering the name.


This name is another Game of Thrones reference. In particular, if you’re a fan of the show, you must’ve found Arya Stark to have an intimidating and mind-boggling presence. So, if you use your bike for racing and consider it powerful, fast, and sleek, what could be a better name than Arya?


Do you have a shiny and cool bike that’s as quick as a bullet? Why not just keep simple and call it Bullet? You could also name it Silver Bullet or Flaming Bullet to make it unique and to coordinate the name with the bike’s color.


Delilah’s literal meaning is “delicate.” I recommend using this name for a sturdy, small, yet delicate bike.


This is by far the cutest suggestion. You can just imagine a small, sweet, and dainty ride named Piglet; it’d also work so well for a pink bicycle!

Tiny pink bike with a lap dog
This cute mini-bike is crying out to be called Piglet


Veronica is a name that screams power, elegance, and leadership. If a bike has been with you since day one, Veronica is a name that’d represent just that.


Is the rider a big fan of classical literature? In particular, does she like William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Hamlet? Then, there’s not a lot that could be a better name for your innocent ride than Ophelia.


It’s an adorable name for a cute bike- there’s nothing else to it. It’s just an apt name for a dainty little bicycle.


Needletail describes a bike that’s careless, risk-taking, and rebellious. If that sounds like your bicycle, Needletail is a notable name.


If the rider has an old-school heart, Bettie is a name that could speak to them. It’s sweet, fun, and goes with practically any bike!


Maybe you think the bike’s out of the world? If so, why not name it after your favorite planet? It could be named after the beautiful blue planet of Neptune. Or, maybe you’d prefer the behemoth gas planet of Jupiter? The choice is yours.


Based on inspiration from Roman mythology, Juno is a name accompanied by sweetness and power. It is based on another name for the goddess of Hera, and it works well for bicycles that are simple but durable.


If you’re a fan of Friends, you might know Phoebe as a sweet name associated with pink color and flowers. So, if you think you have a similar style, why not consider the name Phoebe? It can also be associated with a lively and quirky demeanor!


Blink is the name of an X-men character. Her abilities include creating portals or making others experience severe highway hypnosis. If you’re a Marvel fan familiar with the superhero,  this name works really well for a bike.


Fireflies are delicate insects that provide light when it’s most needed. This is a commendable trait that many find in their bicycle. You could even paint red and orange streaks. Or, you could possibly tie fairy lights to the wheels and fly away!

Trail Mix

I admit Trail Mix doesn’t sound that interesting at first. But, in my defense, it’s a name that could grow on you. It fits perfectly for a funny and eccentric name. Plus, it can be a name for a bike you plan on using on rocky terrains.


Siren is a name fit for bikes that stand out within a crowd. It could be a bold, red color with an ear-deafening horn to suit the bike name.


Though naming a cycle after a fruit can be kind of weird, it really depends on how well the name works for the bike’s design and build. If it’s bulky and bright green, then there couldn’t really be anything wrong with naming it Watermelon. Likewise, if your bike’s dainty and yellow-like, maybe another fruit name, like mango, would work instead.


This one’s straight to the point. If anyone scorches the earth while they speed through races, Scorch perfectly describes just that.


A Katana is a sword that’s sharp and fast. That’s what people look for in a bicycle, so why not name it that?


It sounds like a heroine from an old silent movie who goes through numerous comedic adventures- something you’d expect to do similarly with your bicycle.


This doesn’t need to have that much meaning behind it. It could just be a bike with a root beer-like color scheme. 


If you have a pleasant bike that’s yellow and beloved like the creature from Pokemon, why not just name your bike after it? It’s a convenient name that works well for a sunny, lovable bicycle. Plus, it can have a soft spot for kids who are into anime!


A phoenix represents rebirth. It is a name related to a mythological creature made from a vivid flame. It is often seen rising from ashes in splendor. So, if you have a bike that has been through the worst and is still working without fail, Phoenix would be a fitting name for it.

Final Thoughts

Whether the name represents an ancient god from Greek mythology or is simply something you made up, it’s vital because it’s unique to your bicycle.

However, if none of these names work for you, you don’t have to worry. You should know that a bike name is something that just comes to you. It’s not to be rushed.

Keep thinking! There’s bound to be an option that works out for you somewhere; you just have to keep soul searching!

If you’re ever unsure, you could always just try out a few names for a while and pick the one that sticks to the bike the most. The truth is that the possibilities are endless, and this freedom is why bike naming is so much fun!